AntDesign’s GH Carabiner offers more than it looks. It packs 17 essential tools that can tackle hundreds of problems both indoor and outdoor.

It’s an all-in-one companion for your outdoor adventures or a trusty sidekick at home if you don’t want to bring out the hefty toolbox. Made in lightweight and strong titanium, this EDC can handle tasks with ease that be cutting, measuring, filing, scraping, and more. 

AntDesign’s GH Carabiner has a flathead screwdriver, a 4mm Hex Bit, a level so you can hang things up straight, a pry par for stubborn nails or planks, a utility knife, and a bottle opener, to name a few. It offers an interchangeable screwdriver base so you can easily swap out screw heads for different tasks. The bits you can store in the built-in and discreet magnetic storage compartment. 

Meanwhile the knife is foldable and uses an interchangeable blade that is sharp enough to cut, slice, or scrape. Moreover, this pocket multitool has a ruler in metric and imperial measurements (inches on one side and centimeters on the other), a file to smooth things over, and a couple of emergency tools. These include a tungsten glass breaker and a fire starter. 

An integrated key hole serves as a convenient place to hang your keys or any other small items you want easily on hand. AntDesign’s GH Carabiner also comes with Tritium Tube Slot to make it visible in low light conditions. It is easy to clip on and clip off for locking and unlocking with a one-handed slider lock and even features an automatic lock system that snaps shut to prevent it from becoming loose. On a side note, this carabiner is not designed for climbing. 

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Images courtesy of AntDesign