Studio Edwards created the Base Cabin for the ultimate outdoor living experience. It’s a house on wheels with enough essentials to make a home away from home.

The exterior uses natural tones and a rubber shell to make it weatherproof and blend in with the environment. The interior has natural materials for a homey and minimalistic ambiance. This house utilizes an A-frame structure with a triangular window facing the bed to give the interior an illusion of space because the view connects to the scenery outside. This gives owners a good eye view of their surroundings straight from their sleeping space.

The Base Cabin makes use of framed glass windows on the walls to invite natural light and make the interior look roomy. There is also another glass window on the roof directly above the bed.

This trailer has all the simple essentials you need to make your outdoor living homey. It has a kitchenette equipped with a sink and a stove to make cooking possible. There are enough mounted wood slabs to keep food or other kitchen items. There is also a bathroom and a shower illuminated by a window above to create a sense of contact with the outside.

Moreover, the Base Cabin has a ledge near a window adjacent to the triangular window and just across the kitchen. Underneath the ledge, are storage compartments. The walkway between the ledge and the kitchen is enough to put a small table to sit people. It also leads to the door of the cabin which creates a spacious flow with an opened door.

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Images courtesy of Base Cabin