After humbly starting its business focusing on charging technology, over the years Anker is steadily expanding into other segments. These days, its catalog includes robot vacuums, portable projectors, speakers, headphones, security cameras, and more. It looks like they’re expanding their repertoire once again by developing the AnkerMake M5.

Unlike the early days of 3D printing, wherein the machines were huge and expensive, commercially available models are now accessible to consumers. Since the pricing is no longer prohibitive, almost anyone with basic computer and software know-how can fabricate almost anything.

Therefore, Anker wants a piece of the pie, so to speak. It is crowdfunding the M5 on Kickstarter. AnkerMake appears to be a brand-new sub-brand for the company. This means more are likely to follow depending on the success of its flagship.

Primarily, what the M5 intends to deliver is faster printing speeds. Most of the options you can grab right now are rated at 50 mm per second. In contrast, AnkerMake claims its system is capable of 250 mm per second. Precision is likewise another major selling point here. At 0.1 mm for each layer, the results hardly need any post-print sanding.

As with Anker’s commitment to premium quality, the 3D printer flaunts a die-cast aluminum alloy structure. Also, most of the weight is engineered to go into the base of the M5. This improves stability for consistently optimal operations. Meanwhile, an integrated HD camera lets you remotely view its progress.

The imaging unit – along with the powerful XBurst CPU – uses dedicated AI recognition algorithms to constantly monitor and compare M5’s progress against the blueprint. An intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to use as well. As of this writing, their Kickstarter shows pledges are already above $6 million.

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M5 Top View

Images courtesy of Anker