As sustainable mobility platforms gradually become more mainstream, we are increasingly interested in other ways to stop climate change. A growing trend observed by market researchers is the installation of rooftop solar panels to harvest green energy from the sun. As innovations improve conversion efficiency, you might want to match it with Anker’s new SOLIX E1600.

With a solid track record in charging technology, the Chinese company eventually expanded their catalog to include larger-scale power solutions. It’s great that various campaigns to promote eco-friendliness have probably swayed consumers to consider alternatives that have little to no impact on our environment. One of those is the use of off-grid systems like the SOLIX E1600.

With a high degree of compatibility with a variety of photovoltaic products in the market, owners can retrofit this with their existing setup. Anker also offers a large selection of first-party solar panel bundles or standalone units for us to mix and match according to what the home needs.

Overall, it’s better to stick with the same brand to ensure optimal performance. Each Anker SOLIX E1600 is engineered to withstand the elements with an IP65 rating. Given these are meant to be placed on the balcony, ingress protection is a must-have feature. Moreover, the batteries boast a 15-year lifespan and should remain functional even after 6,000 charging cycles.

The package includes the SOLIX E1600, two MC4 cables, four solar panel extension cables, and a user manual. Anker claims it takes only five minutes to hook up, but this probably pertains to homes with solar panels and inverters already installed. Still, tech-oriented folks should be able to figure everything out. You can even remotely monitor its status in real time via the companion app.

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Images courtesy of Anker