It’s always great to be ready when the power goes out or when visiting outdoors with tech paraphernalia in tow. In situations like these, generators become a necessity but you want those portable ones that don’t run on fuel. If you’re looking for a great investment in your money, then you can definitely rely on the Anker 757 PowerHouse. 

This power station packs 1500W of power with 1229Wh capacity from its LiFePO4 battery cell. This means it can run for seven years or more and emits no smoke or those bothersome sound. Anker guarantees 3,000 battery cycles for their machine which is 6x longer than 500 or other battery cycles. 

Equipped with HyperFlash Technology, the Anker 757 PowerHouse portable station recharges fast. It can get to 80% in an hour and even works with solar power. Making it convenient to bring to your adventures in the great outdoors or when looking at living off-grid. It can get to 80% in 3.6 hours when using three solar panels with 300W max input.

This portable generator even ensures you don’t get any power interruptions when at home. It has a built-in UPS system with a switchover time of under 20 minutes. Best of all is the charging ports. It has six AC outlets with a total of 1500W of power, two USB-C ports with 100W max power, four 12W USB-A ports, and one 120W car outlet.

The Anker 757 PowerHouse power station is even built for the outdoors with the durable automotive-grade aluminum frame that makes it anti-vibration and corrosion and temperature resistant. It uses an ultra-efficient chipset that intelligently controls the charging system so your unit has voltage and current protection. 

As for its portability, the Anker 757 PowerHouse comes with ergonomic dual grips and is compact at 46cm wide. The downside though is its weight which is on the hefty side at 19.89kg.  

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Images courtesy of Anker