Everyone loves wearing Air Jordan sneakers because they are part of Nike’s most iconic shoes that have grown in popularity since their debut. Over the years, Air Jordans have evolved into more than just footwear. In the sneakerhead culture, they are considered investment pieces and collectibles.

Picking the best model of Air Jordan sneakers may be overwhelming since there are a lot of styles, colors, and designs to choose from. In addition, knowing how to verify their authenticity can be crucial. Hence, you must learn how to select the right sneakers.

So, if you’re looking to get your first pair of Air Jordans, the information provided below can assist you in doing so. Keep reading.

Find Your Style

Air Jordans come in a variety of styles that suit every taste and preference. In fact, there are more than thirty-five models available on the market that may include limited editions, retro Jordans, colorways, and collaborations.

So, when choosing your first pair of Jordans, you should think about what suits your demands and style. For instance, if you want a pair that isn’t too bulky and has smooth, white leather overlays, you should consider getting Air Jordan 6s. Also, you can select from high-top, mid-cut, or low-cut styles.

Furthermore, you must find a pair that goes well with all outfits and is comfortable, slip-resistant, and versatile. It’s also a good idea to choose those that provide extra support and increased ankle stability.

Understand What The Numbers Attached To The Shoes Mean

There are different edition numbers attached to Air Jordans that range from one to thirty-five.  Many sneaker collectors keep an eye out for each edition since it has a distinctive aesthetic and functional design. They are typically made available in small quantities, making them rare and more expensive. So, before buying your first pair, you should know what edition you’re getting in order to understand why some pairs are pricier than others.

Set Your Budget

Before choosing an option that fits your style and preference, you need to create a budget that you feel comfortable with. Luckily, different Air Jordan models have varying price tags. Note that Air Jordans are priced based on the demand and release time.

As a result, if you are working on a tight budget, consider going for Air Jordans that have been on the market for some time. But if you have more money, consider purchasing newer models with limited colorways.

In order to find the most affordable pair, you must do your research. This means going online and comparing prices or window shopping. As much as possible, avoid buying shoes for less than they are worth because they could be fake jordans.

Consider Retros

Due to the developments made in the shoe industry, the manufacturers of Air Jordans are able to utilize technology to create an improved version of earlier models. These enhanced shoes that were later re-released are referred to as retros.

For instance, Air Jordan 1s may still appear the same, but with new features added, it has evolved into an upgraded version of the initial one released some time ago. The features now include a rubber sole, better cushioning, and boosted slip resistance.

It’s good to note that even with the improved features, there is still a price difference between the original designs and the retros. Most originals are higher priced compared to retros because the craftsmanship differs. It’s ultimately up to you to determine which one best meets your preferences and budget.

Keep Your Wardrobe In Mind

Your general aesthetic plays a big role in shopping for your Air Jordans. Although most Jordans complement different outfits, you might have to consider the colors and styles that’ll fit with the items in your closet.

For example, if you want to add a pop of color to your neutral-toned outfits, consider getting bright-colored Jordans. However, if you wear minimalist clothing, you should pick a neutral-colored pair. Additionally, wear a sleek pair of Jordans if your style is more professional.

Find A Unique Color Combination

Air Jordans are available in different color combinations known as colorways. Depending on your color preference, you can find a specific model with different hues. However, note that colorways vary based on older and newer releases.

For older releases, the main colors are red, white, and black. But for newer releases, colorways are in bolder and brighter hues. You can find a pair of Jordans in any color you like.

Bottom Line

Now is the perfect time to step up your sneaker game with the right pair of Air Jordans. These sneakers are popular not just because of their price, but also because of the features that were thoughtfully incorporated into them. So, whether you have a specific style in mind or a color you feel would complement your outfit, Air Jordans can provide you with a variety of possibilities. Remember to take your time and browse the styles before making a choice. If you use this article as a guide when purchasing your first pair, you’ll never go wrong.