It should be evident by now that we here at Men’s Gear love automobiles. Our team regularly features awesome rides that are likely to make a big impact on the automotive industry. The more recent ones we showcased were both specials from Turn5. Now, we have another for those who love their Ford Mustangs and Dodge Challengers. AmericanMuscle is your one-stop-shop for aftermarket products from brands such as Speedform.

We all know that these robust machines roll off of the production floor ready to burn rubber on the streets or on the tracks. However, most owners also want to unlock the full potential of their vehicles both mechanically and aesthetically. This is where the shop comes in as it provides an expansive catalog of parts and upgrades.

Much like the other sub-brands of Turn5, AmericanMuscle lives by its namesake. Delivering top-notch service that practically ensures customer satisfaction. We also love the fact that each time you click any of the products on their website, the pages are chock-full of details one needs to know about the part and the installation.

Moreover, a team of experts are ready to answer questions clients might have about their intended build or future projects. Hence, if you own a Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger, you’ll love the selection AmericanMuscle offers. Let us a give you a quick glimpse of some of the cool stuff from their lineup.

SpeedForm Throttle Controller (Ford Mustang)

Don’t you just hate it when you step on the gas and there’s that noticeable delay from the electronic system? Get the boost you need whenever you want as this upgrade improves the vehicle’s response time. Moreover, there are five preset control modes and each one can be tweaked to accurately meet your expectations.

AmericanMuscle notes that the installation would typically take around 15 minutes and it is compatible with Ford Mustang models from 2011 to 2020. It replaces the stock throttle position sensor and does not need any further modification. This plug-and-play module from SpeedForm is 100% reversible just in the rare case that you change your mind.

SpeedForm Type-HC Hellcat Style Hood – Carbon Fiber (Dodge Challenger)

So, you finally have your dream car sitting in your garage. Yet, somehow, it seems to be missing something. A Dodge Challenger is already one sleek machine that demands respect on the road. Nevertheless, if you prefer to add something to give it an even meaner profile, this carbon fiber hood replacement from SpeedForm might be what you need.

It’s not only for looks, as the integrated ram air tunnels let the engine breathe and cool down efficiently. The durable Hellcat style hood even sports a 3K twill carbon fiber top layer with fiberglass reinforcements. This is crafted as a direct-fit bolt-on replacement that will work with your vehicle’s built-in latching system.

AmericanMuscle x SpeedForm Sweeps

If you’re wondering why we included two products manufactured by SpeedForm, that’s because of an ongoing promotion. Just visit AmericanMuscle’s website, follow the instructions, and this earns you a chance to win a 100% off a coupon worth $4,000 sponsored by SpeedForm. This limited-time offer is available until October 24, 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over, try your luck, and browse for your next upgrade.

About AmericanMuscle

Founded in early 2003 by Andrew and Steve Voudouris, is well established as one of the best, most reliable online aftermarket retailers in the business. Catering to the needs of all late-model Mustang and F-150 owners and enthusiasts, we sell the hottest products at the best prices you can find. Our staff offers top-notch customer service, both over the phone and in person at our 115,000+ sq. ft. warehouse located just 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA.

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