Whether you’re training for the Ironman Triathlon or you’re more of a casual swimmer, the Ameo Powerbreather ($150) promises to improve your experience and performance by a whole lot.

Designed to provide a natural way to breathe underwater (in both swimming pools & open waters), the clever snorkeling mask features what they call “patented valve technology.” So, you get a pair of tubes that allow you to inhale more air, connected to a flexible mouthpiece with an exhale valve for minimizing the carbon dioxide you breathe. Sounds good, right? Even better, the ventilation system & diffusers ensure no water can enter the snorkels while you take a turn, and an adjusting head strap keeps it all in place. Perfect for technique, endurance and respiratory muscle training, the Ameo Powerbreather puts regular snorkels to shame and raises the bar for future swimming gear. Made in Germany. Details in the video

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