Know the air quality in your home with the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor. This small device takes into account five factors. These include humidity, particulate matter (PM 2.5), carbon monoxide, temperature, and volatile organic compounds.

Indoor air quality is important as it could affect your health. Poor quality can lead to respiratory problems including difficulty in breathing. It could also pose risks especially for those with certain types of allergies. It could lead to eye and nose irritation, dizziness, headache, fatigue, lack of sleep, and more. 

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor rates the air and depending on the score, provides tips on how to improve quality. It also offers a notification if it declines to a poor state. But in order to view these reports, the device needs to connect to the Alexa app. As such, it needs a compatible device so users can access voice control and notifications. You only need to ask Alexa about the air quality so you’d know if and when you need to open the windows or turn on the humidifier or purifier. 

The Echo Show, for instance, makes a great pair because it shows how the air quality fluctuates over time, in days, weeks, or even hours. Amazon though included color-coded LED indicator lights to guide you on current air quality. 

The best part is this device is easy to install. It doesn’t need a tech expert. Simply plug in the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor to a power outlet, open the Alexa app where you will set up the device. From the app, you will tap on the device icon and add (+) your monitor. You can set up as many devices in other rooms in your house for better air quality monitoring.

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