When you want to be a hipster homeowner, conventional construction and materials are a no-go. Get yourself an architect that thinks outside the box and come up with a unique layout. Wood seems cool, but it’s frowned upon from a sustainability standpoint. If you’re open to suggestions, perhaps the Amagansett Modular is the muse you need.

We applaud MB Architecture for its clever use of shipping containers. Keep in mind that most of these eventually end up as scrap when logistics companies acquire new ones. The Amagansett Modular is one of the more environmentally friendly examples out there.

They repurpose these massive storage platforms into modern livable spaces. The easiest way to describe this approach is like that of LEGO sets. Instead of small plastic bricks, you’re working with huge heavy pieces. Of course, these need to be fixed in place to improve the structure’s integrity.

We count six shipping containers in total. Five of them are in parallel, while one on the second level is perpendicular to the rest. The sections where they intersect have been removed. This allows all the volumes of the Amagansett Modular to flow into one another.

Blueprints of the prefabricated home show the floor plan. At ground level, you have a parking area with a walkway that leads to the front door of the residence. Inside, there’s a kitchen with a dining counter, the living room, two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and a porch.

The stacked containers open into a double-height ceiling with stairs leading up to the second-floor master bedroom. Outside the Amagansett Modular, you’ll find a swimming pool in the backyard with lounge chairs. We hope MB Architecture builds more homes like it.

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Images courtesy of MB Architecture