Decided to put an end to bad-for-your-health traditional sitting desks, a small team of designers and engineers have created the Altwork Station ($3,900): a flexible kit that keeps you comfy at work, thus more productive.

Made for people who spend a lot of time with the computer, this desk took five years to develop, and the result is pretty much the ultimate workstation to get the job done in the most efficient way. The Altwork Station includes an ergonomic chair, a small desk, and a large monitor stand; and it allows users to stand, sit, or recline, while an electric motor helps to adjust your screens at different positions. Ready for pre-orders now, the workstation will be delivered in mid- 2016, so you can already start to convince the boss that you’ll become more effective with it in the office. Details in the video (tip: skip the first 2 minutes)

Altwork Station 3

Altwork Station 2

Altwork Station 6

Altwork Station 5

Altwork Station 4