Just one year after Californian startup company Alta Motors released their first lightweight electric off-road motorcycle, the Redshift, they have unleashed a new concept, the all-electric Street Tracker model. While not yet approved for production runs, the new bike may be just what Alta Motors needs to break into the European market next year.

The Redshift Street Tracker ($TBA) is only 250 pounds but the 40 horsepower motor can create 120 foot-pounds of torque and reach a top speed of about 80 mph. The rather large battery sitting amidships weighs 15 pounds all by itself and will only carry the bike about 50 miles on a charge. That it takes six hours to fully charge does diminish its usefulness for those with long commutes.

The aluminum frame keeps the weight down and the 19 inch BSR carbon fiber wheels help lower the suspension, leaving the seat at just 31.5 inches, for a greater variety of riders. The Tracker is designed to be completely street legal whether you race it or not, and leaving its reduced mile range aside (new tech should allow it to go further in the future), you gotta admit this is a cool, agile looking ride. [via]