We all know how devastating the past few years were due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing, home isolation, travel restrictions, and a whole lot more turned our lives upside down. Despite all the difficulties, some folks found ways to turn their situation into something positive. With the rising popularity of remote jobs, Alpine teases digital nomads with the Cross Cabin.

As bans against domestic travel gradually lifted, many sought outdoor adventures away from the city. Since the goal was to avoid close contact with people to halt the spread of pathogens, sales of camper trailers and RVs were through the roof.

It seems this boom is not about to die out anytime soon, so Alpine comes up with this cool concept. Instead of retrofitting your existing motorhome, purchasing a new one packing modular spaces is an ideal move.

No more staying put at home with the Cross Cabin promoting adventures and sightseeing in addition to productivity. The manufacturer did not specify the donor vehicle for this build, but it is a sizeable van. This roaming office is outfitted with all the creature comforts you typically find on RVs.

However, Alpine points out that the Cross Cabin’s unique selling point is the Smart Table. This innovative piece of furniture functions as just another surface when not in use. It features a clamshell hinge that opens to reveal a 32” monitor and full-size keyboard. All you need is to connect it to your laptop.

They also equip the Cross Cabin with a 4G/LTE mobile radio router for mobile data access on the go. The interiors are clad in wooden wall paneling to give it a cozy atmosphere. This concept RV is slated to appear in various trade shows throughout the year.

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Images courtesy of Alpine