Camping is an outdoor recreational activity which allows us to experience what nature has to offer. Hence, it is only appropriate for enthusiasts to stay as eco-friendly as possible. Thankfully, the surging demand for electric vehicles prompts manufacturers to develop off-road-ready platforms. To remind everyone of the options available, we have the CAMP concept.

The name stands for Collaborative Adventure Mobility Platform. This is a project by Alpha Motors which fully kits out its Rex for an extended stay away from the grid. Meanwhile, as groundbreaking innovations in battery technology and electric powertrains deliver improvements in performance and range, totally green overlanding is gradually becoming a reality.

What you’re looking at here is an emission-free SUV and camper trailer combo. Likewise, the EV startup which operates out of Irvine, California packages everything to help you live out like a nomad in comfort and convenience for days. Doing all the hauling is a souped-up version of the Rex which becomes the CAMP’s ticket to relaxation in remote locations.

Alpha Motors outfits the Rex Adventure Series donor with a front wench, tubular doors, a rear cabin delete, Black Rhino Fuji Wheels shod in beefy BFGoodrich tires, and KC Gravity Pro6 fog lamps. A dual-motor setup endows the CAMP with all-wheel-drive capabilities and a range of around 275 miles.

A teardrop trailer with ample storage features convertible seating and a sleeping area. Next is an exterior kitchenette, a rooftop pop-up tent with a telescoping ladder, and a picnic table with chairs. The CAMP also comes with a portable yurt with modular fabric walls and a California King size bed. Sadly, there is currently no word if this trim package will ever make it into production.

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Images courtesy of Alpha Motors