A name recently shaking up the EV scene is Alpha Motor Corporation. With most marques taking their existing lineup and reworking them into emission-free versions, it may appear uninspired. The newly unveiled Montage, on the other hand, is simply extraordinary. Eschewing a contemporary or futuristic design, it’s going for a retro vibe instead.

Once again, this type of aesthetic means to attract those with a strong sense of nostalgia. Also, our appreciation for vintage automotive design ranks this new model high on our list. This comes as a surprise as the company just announced the remarkable collaborative effort dubbed the CAMP concept.

The Montage just begs for your attention with its curvaceous classic aesthetic. To make it even more special, Alpha Motor Corporation plans to use a new custom EV platform. In contrast, most carmakers develop and use a modular system which every model in the roster uses.

Early tidbits of information regarding this eco-friendly machine beneath an old-school exterior suggest remarkable capabilities. According to the manufacturer, the bespoke Electric Drive Unit (EDU) is rated at 150 kW with around 2,460 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, it even uses a two-stage gearbox.

Alpha Motor Corporation claims the lithium-ion battery pack of the Montage should be enough for 250 miles on a full charge. Other notable features include an independent suspension system, fast-charging technology, electronic steering, and high-performance disc brakes.

This EV oozes elegance with a body glistening in “Time Machine” metallic silver. Pronounced fenders, custom lighting, wire wheels, chrome accents, and more, further add to its appeal. Inside, the Montage is adorned with metal elements and plush upholstery. Lastly, it comes with storage spaces under the hood and rear compartment.

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Images courtesy of Alpha Motor Corporation