For the enthusiastic Do-it-yourselfer or just weekend carpenter, the Allwood Kit Cabins ($4,390+) provide a way to quickly and easily erect extra outbuildings with simple tools. Allwood has numerous cabin designs ranging from 158-1108 sq. ft. with styles that go from rustic to suburban. While primarily intended as casual spaces, the cabins can be enhanced to become extra guest housing, home office spaces, or retail outlets.

The kits include all the basics you need, from the precut dense grain wood for walls, roof & floors to nails, screws, structural furniture, handles, door locks, and pre-hung, glazed doors & windows, to detailed instructions on how to make your build a successful project. However, they do not include roofing shingles or foundation materials. Also, electricity & plumbing would need to be obtained and installed separately and one should always check first to see if local building permits are required. Some models come with optional insulation kits for year-round occupation although they suggest professional assembly for this or contacting them to see if they have their own work crews in your state.