Adidas is one of the biggest sports apparel and footwear brands in the market that’s actively developing innovative means of reducing its environmental impact. In 2021, they partnered with Allbirds for Futurecraft.Footprint – a stylish pair of sustainable sneakers. The latter may not be at the level of renown as the German label, but its M0.0NSHOT might catapult it to new heights.

Honestly, it’s ridiculously difficult to unseat established names in the industry like Adidas. However, their previous collaborator has an ace up its sleeve this time around. With an ethos based on eco-friendliness, their latest silhouette claims to be the first-ever totally carbon-free kicks in the world.

Furthermore, this is purportedly completed without any offset in the process. On average, a manufacturer produces approximately around 14 kg of emissions for every shoe. The M0.0NSHOT, on the other hand, is completely green from start to finish – a major achievement for Allbirds! Hopefully, others will catch up as well.

Since its debut in 2016, the company made it a mission to continuously innovate its processes. After seven years, the M0.0NSHOT is finally ready to mark an important milestone for Allbirds as “the world’s first net zero carbon shoe.” Slated to launch in the spring of 2024, it touts an upper crafted out of regenerative wool that offers a comfortable sock-like fit.

Other components include carbon-negative bioplastic eyelets and a SuperLight foam midsole sourced from sugarcane. Even the packaging and shipping of the M0.0NSHOT is taken into account to ensure minimal to no carbon emissions. Currently, there’s only one colorway presented, but there is still more than enough time to come up with more variations until it launches next year.

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Images courtesy of Allbirds