If you thought Alexander Yamaev cannot get any weirder with his designs, the ZID shows us otherwise. Although it’s aesthetically closer to your average two-wheeler, the new model is still just as quirky as the previous one, which looks like a boomerang. Along with electric vehicles and motorcycles, scooters are becoming the platform of choice for urban commuters.

The blueprint for his latest personal transport borrows a bit from its predecessor but touts a familiar outline. At first glance, it may look like your typical stand-up electric scooter. However, the saddle and footpegs tell us differently. Instead of the usual step-through frame, the ZID opts for the unconventional.

This is not to say that you need to step over given the low-slung profile. Still, the overall presentation of this e-scooter can be a little intimidating for the average rider. Ergonomics might be the last thing that came to mind here as the saddle does not offer much in support.

Nevertheless, its seat and handlebar placement means you can look forward to a comfortable riding position. The ZID keeps the wheels and rest of its components behind a cover, which features a flexible section. The latter obviously hides the headtube and allows you to steer the e-scooter.

A cool aspect of its frame’s strange form factor is the cargo space. You can see that there are carabiners under the seat. People can hang grocery bags and other stuff or use the storage area down there. Meanwhile, the sections above the wheels provide more spaces to haul bigger items. Finally, a digital display on the left side of the handlebar provides telemetry data for your ZID.

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Images courtesy of Alexander Yamaev