So you won the lottery and are looking for ways to spend some of the cash? Check out the Alen Yacht 55, ($Inquire) a gorgeous vessel with fluid lines, packed with everything you need for a luxurious cruise with the family and friends.

Boasting a timeless and sleek design, the 55-foot motorboat has built-in practicality, providing space for up to 16 people on board, safely surrounded by deep bulwarks that create a walk-around deck. An extending table can sit eight guests, near the open kitchen with sink and grill, while the rear with the sun beds sports a hydraulic gangway doubling as a convenient swimming ladder. The shaded helm features the latest navigation equipment and operates two 800 hp Volvo engines delivering a max speed of 35 knots, as well as a hidden, custom-made anchor mechanism.

Owners can customize the interior as they wish, with options including a lounge with top-notch entertainment systems & extendable sofas, an extra bedroom, crew cabins with ample storage space, teak flooring, leather wall panels and lacquered surfaces that produce a warm ambiance.

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