This one of a kind Rainer Weber chair was made using genuine AK 47 rifles. The creative process involved an act of deconstruction, where the weapons were completely dismantled, then altered, and finally put back together in a way which added a different functionality to their original shape.

AK 47 Designer Chair by Artist Rainer Weber

The rough, industrial feel of the rifles was swapped with a new, polished and highly artistic appeal by chrome-plating all the metal parts. The original pistol grips were given a nice black coating, while a series of details were finished in leather for extra visual and tactile stimulation.

As a final touch of sophistication, the upholstery fabric was delivered by Backhausen in Vienna, and then sent to Venice to be hand-woven at Luigi Bevilacqua.

Author: Rainer Weber

Original AK 47 Designer Chair by Rainer Weber Rainer Weber Chair AK 47 Rifles