Sooner or later, it was bound to happen. As we pointed out before, the automotive industry’s current direction leads to electrification. Eventually, everything that has something to do with it will follow. For the digital nomads, Airstream is ready to cater to your needs with the eSTREAM Travel Trailer concept. Given it’s been in the business for years, expect only the best.

Surveys show that most car owners are eager to make the switch to EVs. The demand for all-electric alternatives of our favorite platforms tells us that manufacturers have no choice but to adapt. It’s great of Airstream to finally acknowledge the push for sustainability with the upcoming eSTREAM Travel Trailer.

First, we like how the company attempts to keep the signature aesthetics of their camper trailers. It’s cool of them to keep the classic presentation of the exterior with the unpainted aluminum alloy sheets and rivets. If not for the badging and LED light strips on various surfaces, it can easily pass off as any of their regular camper trailers.

However, they’re not in this venture alone as the eSTREAM is a joint project with Thor Industries. Using the latter’s exclusive modular electric mobility systems, it is enabling smart home technology capabilities and more.

Although owners still need to tow it with their SUVs or pickup trucks, it improves mileage and fuel consumption. It does so with a built-in electric drivetrain. With the companion app, owners can remotely position the camper trailer by itself. The eSTREAM also supports Alexa and comes with other convenient smart functionalities.

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eSTREAM being towed into position eSTREAM camping eSTREAM side lifestyle shot

Images courtesy of Airstream