Specially designed for shallow water diving, the AirBuddy ($1,270) system can make underwater exploration a safe and simple process. Rather than having to strap heavy and bulky tanks to your back, this portable piece of diving equipment keeps the compressor part floating on the surface while air is delivered to the diver through a connecting hose.

AirBuddy utilizes a rechargeable 12-volt battery to power the air compressor and is an easily transported 21 pounds in weight. The dive range gives 45 minutes of air down to 40 feet of depth. Safety features include an emergency 15-liter backup air reservoir and audible low battery power signal. With a bright red flotation section and dive flag, the device easily shows your presence to passing boaters, while a detachable magnetic wristband offers the diver the on/off switch.

AirBuddy can even be connected to two divers for a shallower dive so you can take a companion with you on your next exotic sea adventure. Best part, you don’t need a SCUBA certification to explore deep waters. Just make sure you don’t die.