Motorcycle manufacturers constantly develop their lineup to improve performance. Likewise, those in the protective equipment industry also innovate to cater to riders’ needs. AGV is more than happy to adapt when the market calls for one. Check out their latest addition to the lineup – the Tourmodular.

The company describes it as “an ultra-safe modular helmet for endless journeys.” What bike enthusiasts usually want from their headgear aside from safety is comfort. The latter is essential especially for longer rides and in warmer weather. There are four front-facing and single rear extractor vents.

Designed to create minimal drag. These are adjustable and provide excellent cooling for the wearer. AGV fabricates the shell out of carbon, aramid, and fiberglass, which then covers a five-density EPS liner. Meanwhile, the interiors use 2Dry instant sweat absorption technology to keep your skin moisture free.

Moreover, within your Tourmodular is a mix of Ritmo, Shalimar, and Microsense. These fabrics and synthetic leather combine with the padding to create a plush and secure layer over your head. A drop-down sun visor keeps the harsh glare out of your eyes. 

AGV engineers the Tourmodular with aerodynamics in mind. In fact, the sleek outline boasts an impressive zero dynamic weight even up to speeds of 80 mph. Even with the two-step chin guard mechanism up, it remains stable and has minimal effect. 

The Tourmodular helmet benefits from its partnership with Cardo for its optional communications system. Dubbed the AGV INSYDE, this dynamic mesh communication (DMC) setup is a must-have for folks who often ride as a group. It boasts an operational range of up to 3.7 miles and supports up to 15 units. The helmet is available in five stylish colorways and six sizes.

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Images courtesy of AGV