When it comes to a completely barebones look for a two-wheeler, AFS Custom Bikes deserves to win the prize for this simple yet striking design. According to the shop, it draws inspiration from BMX bicycles, to give this project its distinct outline. The finely-crafted one-off is sure to steal the scene when it rolls down the street.

Sources note that this build starts off with a Honda Cub clone from Taiwan called the SYM Symba 100. We find it hard to believe as there’s hardly any hint of it here. The AFS Custom Bikes goes bespoke wherever it can and it shows here. The minimalist vibe comes from the solid framework one finds on BMXs,

In fact, we can’t spot any form of suspension, let alone shock absorbers. Perhaps the aftermarket outfit believes the massive tires will handle all of the bumps along the way. If it were up to us, it’s better to avoid potholes aboard this moto at all costs.

This is probably the closest you can get to feel one with the road since every uneven surface transfers directly up the rigid structure. It does not sport a traditional fuel tank as AFS Custom Bikes integrates this into the frame. You’ll also find a seat snaking up just above the underslung engine. If you love curves, there’s plenty of it here.

The air intake twists while the exhaust starts from the bottom and wraps up the side of the engine before it bends down once more toward the rear. If the almost skeletal aesthetic is not impressive enough, AFS Custom Bikes even sources two spare car wheels and wraps them in Bridgestone slick racing rubbers to add even more personality.

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Images courtesy of AFS Custom Bikes