As part of our commitment to consistently bring you cool automotive announcements, we have another awesome surprise from CES 2023. You’ve probably heard of Sony’s attempt to get into the green motoring market. They are partnering with Honda for their EV venture. Now, we have the official name for this thrilling endeavor – AFEELA.

Keep in mind that both companies are entering a scene which is consistently growing. Thus, those in the business strive to regularly come up with innovative features to get a leg up on the competition. From a consumer standpoint, what matters to many is range and performance.

Still, there are other aspects to consider which allow the AFEELA to generate a lot of hype since its big reveal. It seems like Sony and Honda are all-in with autonomous intelligence. We understand that the commercially available technology right now still needs more improvements.

Plus, the negative publicity self-driving cars have been getting is not helping in any way. Nevertheless, the Japanese duo believe the future of eco-friendly mobility won’t be complete without autonomous capabilities. The AFEELA is outfitted with a collection of cameras and sensors.

These gather information in real-time and the data is handled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis. The goal is to develop a reliable Level 3 automated driving system which can also provide Level 2+ driver assistance seamlessly.

The AFEELA’s cabin is remarkably both minimalist and futuristic. A display panel spans the dashboard and functions as the instrument panel and infotainment unit. You have a steering yoke instead of a traditional wheel. There’s also talk of Sony PlayStation integration, but there was no mention of it during the press event. What do you think of this EV?

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Images courtesy of AFEELA