Keeping your gear lightweight yet functional is what the Aerocrafted Sideslip Utility Knife is all about. It is devoid of unnecessary screws and parts that would otherwise only make it bulky and heavy. As such, it comes in a ruggedly handsome skeletonized frame.

Its name speaks of its efficient and easy blade deployment. This no-frills knife uses a disposable blade that you can easily slip in and out using a low-friction slider. The frame features locking dents to secure the blade during and after use. The best part, it does not come with fasteners, which means, it requires no extra tools to change blades, further saving you the hassle of having to bring a screwdriver or what-not. 

Since it uses disposable blades, the Aerocrafted Sideslip Utility Knife then is travel-friendly. You can take out the blade at the airport and just get new ones at the hardware store. Making it even more portable aside from its compact size is its built-in discreet pocket clip. It can fit inside the small coin pocket of your pants if you want it close by at all times. If you prefer, you can also hang it with your keys or from a carabiner through a built-in key ring hole.    

This handy knife is for single-handed operation and is ambidextrous. It has a hidden edge-saver geometry to keep blades sharp for longer. Proudly made in the USA, the Aerocrafted Sideslip Utility Knife comes in high-strength 7075 aluminum and durable Grade 5 titanium frame, weighing 0.31 oz. and 0.45 oz. and in a matte anodized and smooth tumbled finish, respectively.

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Images courtesy of Aerocrafted