I’m sure we were supposed to be teleporting by now, or at least crossing the Atlantic in 45 minutes…wasn’t that the prediction? Well the guys over at Aerion appear to be making immense strides at providing us with quicker flight times.

Supersonic travel has been the goal since 2003 when the Concorde last took to the skies. Aerion’s Supersonic AS2 Jet may just relight the fires of excitement. This jet has alien-like capabilities. Carrying 12 passengers, it travels at a speed that is actually faster than sound.

What’s their design secret? They have manufactured an airframe and wing that significantly reduces drag by 20% in comparison with Delta designs. This means the jet is capable of Mach 1.5 with a range around 5,466 miles. To translate this mumbo jumbo jet talk, it means you would be saving 3 hours on any transatlantic flight and more than 6 hours on a transpacific trip.

The flights are quick, but it will be a little more of a wait before us regular folk can expect to board one of these time-saving jets. The first flights are predicted to air at the start of 2021, but commercial uses aren’t expected until 2023.

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