With carmakers inching ever closer to their target dates for complete electrification, startups are likewise cropping up. This means the EV scene will eventually see healthy competition among established marques and newbies. From an analyst’s perspective, this is beneficial for consumers down the line. The latest group to debut an emission-free model is AEHRA .

As of now, the company is yet to name their upcoming eco-friendly SUV but did not hesitate to share what potential buyers can expect. To start off, the man behind this fresh sleek silhouette is renowned Italian designer Filippo Perini. His claims to fame are iconic rides such as Aventador and Huracán from Lamborghini.

He states, “for the first time in my career, we began with a blank sheet of paper,” regarding his work on the AEHRA green SUV project. Former oil trader Hazim Nada believes this venture will address the market for “ultra-premium” EVs. According to the founder, their goal is to deliver “eco-sustainability” in addition to innovative elements.

Despite what AEHRA points out, the long wheelbase and aerodynamic profile of the EV make it look like a luxury sedan instead. However, we’ll take their word for it and refer to this machine as an SUV. They’re also drawing inspiration from beetles for the elytra wing door mechanisms.

All four portals electronically open and emulate the insect’s forewing shell. The curvature of the exterior will supposedly generate a drag coefficient of only 0.20. For an SUV, this is definitely a notable achievement if they can actually pull it off. AEHRA is targeting a dual-motor and triple-motor configuration producing around 750 horsepower to 815 horsepower respectively.

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Images courtesy of AEHRA