Potential Motors’ Adventure 1 Electric Camper lets you brave rough roads without the noise and smell of gas engines. This is for the environmentally-conscious traveler who enjoys scenic views in off-grid places.

This fully-integrated Off-Road Recreational Vehicle (ORV) runs on a zero-emissions electric powertrain. It’s just 64″ wide so it can easily access ATV trails and rough terrains inaccessible to trucks or SUVs. Equipped with dual motor all-wheel drive on each axle, this camper can churn out  604 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque. It has a ground clearance of 12.9″, a wheelbase of 105″, and a back and rear independent suspension of 9.84″ for the smoothest off-road travel. Its batteries are also located on the floor of the vehicle to reduce the risk of tipping and rollovers.  

Moreover, the Adventure 1 Electric Camper utilizes Off-Road OS for proactive suspension. The system instantly reads terrain conditions and delivers real-time information to the ECU for a seamless, optimized driving experience. Likewise, the Off-Road OS proactively identifies hardware failure, notifies the driver, and compensates to keep the vehicle moving. 

In terms of living spaces, this camper comes with a deployable 2-person bed that also serves as a waterproof and dustproof storage when folded and zipped up. Its modular interior design also gives it 2,500+ liters of dry storage. This vehicle even has a rear pull-out kitchen equipped with a sink, a 2-burner propane stove, a fridge, kitchen accessories, and 40 liters of water. 

The Adventure 1 Electric Camper lets you explore vast terrains with confidence. It can go 100 miles on a single charge and even acts as a flat-towable trailer or basecamp. An integrated emergency backup charger makes use of the cooking and heating propane to charge the vehicle. 

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Images courtesy of Potential Motors