Are you always left out of undersea adventures because you don’t know how to swim or scuba dive? Perhaps, you just don’t want to risk becoming dinner for whatever creature lurks beneath the waves. However, if your sense of adventure wants to explore the depths safely from above, an underwater drone like the Hydrus can make it happen.

For those wealthy enough, why not just purchase one of the many personal submersibles we have featured before. If budget is an issue, then let Advanced Navigation kit you out with their cutting-edge gear. Most commercially available options can easily hit depths between 49 to 492 feet depending on several factors. Some specialized models can go much further.

Meanwhile, the Hydrus is able to reach a max depth of 9,842 feet. Furthermore, it does not require a tether and boasts an operational range of almost 30,000 feet. It likewise recharges wirelessly. These features keep the housing completely waterproof. The Australian manufacturer says it will benefit those who work in various fields such as research, conservation, ocean surveying, and more.

The drone measures 18.5” x 10.24” x 10.24” and weighs roughly 15 lbs. Advanced Navigation did not specify the capacity, but its UN38.3-approved lithium-ion battery can power the Hydrus for up to three hours. Then we have the 4K 60 fps camera which packs a sensor that can supposedly rival high-end imaging models out there.

For outstanding visibility in the darkness below, it carries a 20,000-lumen lighting system. It moves around using hubless thrusters, thereby minimizing the chances of accidental entanglements. Advanced Navigation is equipping the Hydrus with cutting-edge sensors and systems to make it intuitive to control. Are you getting one?

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Images courtesy of Advanced Navigation