Collaborations are a beautiful thing. In fact, these partnerships often give us some of the best products that we can sink our teeth into. A recent example is the Spiber X The North Face Moon Parka, which started out as a concept four years ago. Now, it’s finally releasing the product with cutting-edge technology and minimal carbon footprint. In the meantime, Adidas is working with Zound to break into the wireless audio market. What we have here is the FWD-01 Sport and the RPT-01 Sport and both look awesome.

What immediately stands out is the special knitted material that covers each model. Those looking for something more compact will love the FWD-01 Sport– a pair of around-the-neck earbuds. For others seeking a little bigger can go for the RPT-01 Sport on-ear headphone.

It doesn’t matter which one you pick because each one is IPX4-rated to keep moisture at bay. That’s right you’re looking at a fashionable collection of audio devices to suit your active lifestyle — both will be available on September 25.

However, our only gripe is Adidas keeping the wires on the FWD-01 Sport. Most companies are already ditching the cables in favor of a true-wireless configuration. Likewise, unlike the RPT-01 Sport, the knitted material doesn’t seem to be removable for the earbuds. The former model offers more than 16 hours of playtime, while the latter goes for a whopping 40 hours or more. Another cool feature of the on-ear headphones is the action button, which you can customize for different functions.

Grab them here

Images courtesy of Adidas