The new Adidas Switch FWD running shoe lessens the risk of mild and moderate injuries for heel-strikers (and all serious runners) with its game-changing design. It uses “voids” in its EVA midsole cushioning system to transform downward pressure in the heel into forward motion.

These intricately designed voids collapse and spring forward, thus converting weight into forward motion, resulting in a fresh running experience that unlocks the potential of runners of all levels by moving them move forward with every stride. Moreover, the soft EVA compound midsole works in harmony with the TPU plate to ensure a stable and cushioned transition through the forefoot and midfoot during the forward motion process.

Additional features of the Adidas Switch FWD running shoe include a 3D molded heel with anti-slip lining and a lightweight Continental rubber outsole for extra grip in all weather conditions. The design is complemented by a lightweight engineered mesh upper that features strategically placed windows on the forefoot and midfoot for enhanced breathability. 

“We’re always looking at innovative ways to redefine our design processes to bring real benefits to our community – whether they are at the top of the sport, or an everyday runner. While it sounds simple, the ambition to convert weight into forward motion is easier said than done. It’s taken years of testing with athletes of every level to get where we have today. It’s a triumph to innovation, and a testament to our ambition and drive to deliver new running shoe technology,” says Mili Seiffert, Global Product Manager at Adidas Running. 

Experience your smoothest run yet with the all-new Adidas Switch FWD Running Shoe. It is available in four colorways. 

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Images courtesy of Adidas