A couple of years ago, JBL was crowdfunding a pair of concept cans with a unique trait. Aptly calling it the Reflect Eternal, the headphones were promising practically perpetual playtime. Unfortunately, it failed to deliver and refunds were issued. Now, it’s Adidas’ turn to market something similar albeit with sustainability in mind. Let’s check out the RPT-02 SOL.

What it shares with JBL’s ambitious project is the use of an abundant power source – the sun. In fact, we believe it’s a continuation of Reflect Eternal in more ways than one. The biggest difference here is that the German sports apparel manufacturer’s product is up for preorder. For $299, you can grab the stylish on-ears in two colorways: Solar Yellow and Night Grey.

We’re smitten with the blackout version, but those who prefer theirs with a splash of vibrancy can opt for the other instead. The RPT-02 SOL tout the same self-charging technology from Exeger as the JBL Reflect Eternal. Dubbed the “Powerfoyle,” it’s supposedly “a groundbreaking light cell material that converts all forms of natural and artificial light into battery life.”

Adidas reveals that 51% of the plastic components here are from environmentally friendly sources. Specifically, 87% is post-consumer PC-ABS, while the rest is recycled nylon. Moreover, the inner headband and ear cushions are washable, which is a nifty feature to have on headphones. The RPT-02 SOL touts sweat and splash resistance to make it a perfect companion during your workouts.

Once fully charged the RPT-02 SOL should last up to 80 hours. Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity pairs with your compatible devices. For the best experience, Adidas recommends you download the Headphones app. It’s available on the Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for those on iOS devices.

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Images courtesy of Adidas