Ever since the world’s first golf shoes were introduced, manufacturers have strived to constantly innovate its features. Like all footwear designed for competitive sports, the ultimate goal is to provide exceptional support, comfort, and performance. Sadly, sometimes style becomes an afterthought. Adidas, on the other hand, takes everything into consideration to give us the MC87 4D.

These unisex spikeless golf shoes ship with a classic profile and are sure to draw stares from those around you. The fact that almost every contemporary silhouette in the market these days does not offer much in the way of variety, Adidas’ approach seems like a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, although it may not appeal to everyone, we think it’s in a niche of its own.

“Step onto the green and into the future with these Adidas MC87 4D Spikeless Golf shoes. These innovative leather golf shoes bridge heritage design and cutting-edge technology for the style and performance to play on any course,” reads the product description. Keep in mind the upper is constructed out of genuine leather and not the synthetic kind.

Part of its retro cosmetics comes from the intricate patterns of the overlay akin to that of traditional wingtip shoes. Moreover, the addition of a kiltie is the icing on the cake. If you’re wondering this old-school element functioned as a protective layer over the laces and tongue. The one on the MC87 is removable so it’s entirely up to the user to keep them on or not.

For a secure fit, Adidas opts for a traditional lace closure system. However, the vintage vibe goes away the further you go down the MC87 4D. The iconic lattice patterns of its 3D-printed midsole remind us that what’s on our feet is a truly modern marvel. It provides superior cushioning and stability specific to the sport it’s geared for. Finally, the raised lugs of its rubber outsole adequately compensate for regular cleats.

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Images courtesy of Adidas