Spanish furniture brand Actiu designed the Qyos cabins as temporary refuge that provide a few minutes of calm in modern office settings or in public spaces. These pods are modular so you can set them up easily anywhere and sound insulated so you can get that much-needed concentration and privacy.

Actiu’s goal in designing these booths are twofold. To keep outside noise out and inside sound in and to do so with the highest comfort. This means having good and low-consumption LED lighting and ventilation using an air renewal system so you don’t feel claustrophobic and get proper work or rest done. It also involves having an ergonomic design that can adapt to different devices for maximum connectivity and an aesthetic that fits into modern offices.

This way they can be  placed anywhere in the office for accessibility and also serve as a design element to that space. In terms of the noise, the Qyos cabins have walls and ceilings constructed with sound absorbing panels made from 75 recycled plastic bottles for every square meter. These panels reduce distractions and improves focus if you want work done efficiently. It also tunes out unwanted sounds if you want a few minutes of quiet. 

Moreover, the Qyos cabins are designed to be easily dismantled and assembled without the need for tools. The cladding can be clipped on or off and the door can be oriented to either side, making it adapt to any space. Aside from PET plastic, the booths are also made with steel, extruded aluminum, and acoustic glass. They come in various finishes including epoxy, melamine in myriad combinations, and textile. 

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Images courtesy of Actiu