As personal mobility platforms such as electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and others in between become ubiquitous, commuters will eventually run into problems with traffic congestion. Therefore, the proposed solution would be to take to the skies. One firm envisions a unique take on electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. The Acro is designed for owners of luxury vessels who desire more thrills.

Before we stumbled upon this cutting-edge concept from Klissarov Design, most of the eVTOLs in active development or already in the testing phases focused on a common purpose. It was the transport of at least two or more passengers with additional space allocated for cargo. The Acro, on the other hand, is destined for something else.

According to the group behind the project, the eco-friendly aircraft is poised to become another extravagant toy for yacht owners. It’s currently unclear if there will be additional trim packages or models down the line, so it’s basically for recreation only. With its ultralight classification, operators are not required to have a pilot’s license.

Instead, the Acro is equipped with intuitive dual joystick controls backed by artificial intelligence. If the company ever manages to pull this off, the insanely wealthy undoubtedly swamp them with orders as soon as the books are open. Meanwhile, the renders show a lift and propulsion system unlike anything out there.

We also catch glimpses of earlier versions, which explored possible configurations before they settled on the final blueprint. The single-seat eVTOL is equipped with advanced “cycloidal rotor technology, which allows for full 360-degree thrust vectoring, exceptional maneuverability and stability,” writes Klissarov Design.

The Acro is outfitted with landing skids and a ballistic parachute that can deploy in an emergency. The transparent canopy provides excellent visibility to help operators navigate. Overall, it’s compact enough to fit in the garages of some superyachts, while others can just park it on the helipad instead.

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Images courtesy of Klissarov Design