Although the automotive industry refers to EVs as emission-free alternatives compared to rides with internal combustion engines, it’s not accurate as long as we still plug them into the grid. However, the reduction of our carbon footprint still positions them as sustainable. A fascinating concept proposed at CES 2024 is a collaborative project dubbed the eTH.

Battery-electric vehicles are steadily becoming mainstream and every segment will soon be catered by manufacturers. Surprisingly, eco-friendly off-grid adventures are gradually gaining traction among overlanding enthusiasts. Since the demand is already there, all that’s left is for a company to supply the product.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to camper trailers. Turnkey RVs, on the other hand, are yet to catch up. The truth is that most of the models available right now are conversions or custom builds commissioned by clients. Hence, AC Future and Pininfarina are joining forces for the eTH (Electric Transformer House).

The name says it all as the unique selling point of this all-electric RV is an expandable living space when owners set up camp. The idea behind the eTH may not be revolutionary, but the ridiculous volume it provides when fully deployed is mind-blowing.

Details show the eTH measures 20 feet long and 11 feet high, but the walls can extend to turn it into a 400-square-foot dwelling. To constantly keep its batteries topped up, the roof is covered with 25 kWh solar panels to harvest clean energy from the sun.

In addition to its water tanks, the team proposes the use of an atmospheric water generator (AWG). The eTH’s layout can be tailored to the needs of the buyer as well as the features and functionalities of the cabin. With an internet service like Starlink or mobile data, Digital nomads can finally have a mobile home/office of their dreams.

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Images courtesy of Pininfarina/AC Future