As much as we would have wanted, there is no one-stop shop for automotive auctions. Although we have our favorite establishments with a stellar track record of amazing machines, sometimes it’s pure luck to stumble upon something awesome. If you are a major proponent of sustainable motoring, this listing from SBX Cars is right up your alley. This is the 2023 Hyperion XP-1 Prototype.

As it stands right now, battery-electric technology is the only option commercially available. Many global groups and startups have made decent progress over the years in hydrogen fuel cells. Off the top of our heads, Toyota, Honda, BMW, and Hyundai reportedly have projects in active development. As such, the 2023 Hyperion XP-1 Prototype is purely a showpiece for any collection.

Hyperion Motors — a firm based in southern California with ties to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration — is behind this hypercar. So far, they have nailed the aggressive aerodynamic form factor to convey speed, performance, and handling. However, the 2023 Hyperion XP-1 Prototype is not yet outfitted with the proposed powertrain.

Instead, “the auction winner may choose to trade in the prototype at the value of the final auction price towards the special edition high-performance vehicle or retain ownership for collector display with the option to purchase the limited series vehicle.” Hence, you can think of it as a special access token for the production version.

If the manufacturer manages to hit their targets, the hypercar’s hydrogen fuel cell system should generate up to 2,038 horsepower. Moreover, unlike EVs, it will only take approximately five minutes to completely refuel from empty. Top speed is estimated to hit around 221 mph with a zero to 60 mph acceleration of less than 2.25 seconds. As of this writing, the 2023 Hyperion XP-1 Prototype is still up for bids with five days left.

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Images courtesy of SBX Cars