Are you still using water directly from the tap to cook and for drinking? Unless your local utility provider regularly checks for potability, theirs is always a risk of contamination. Why take chances when there are better options out there? The Aarke Purifier is a more elegant alternative to your average water filter.

Instead of a plastic carafe and plastic filter cartridges, Aarke crafts its product out of stainless steel and glass. To minimize waste, the Purifier uses a refillable steel filter system. Once it reaches the maximum usage period, you can just pour in a fresh bag of filter granules and it’s ready to go for another 120 liters or so.

This product is as premium as it gets with a glass carafe, a stainless-steel lid, a hopper/filter cartridge in stainless steel, and a detachable rubber bumper for added protection. Aarke understands that the plastic filter cartridges used by competing brands only contribute to more waste.

The filtration medium is integrated and non-replaceable, which means everything ends up in the trash can. Meanwhile, the Aarke Purifier’s ReFilter is reusable and is also dishwasher-safe. In fact, all of its parts are. There’s even a handy indicator you can set below the lid to know when to replace the filter granules.

“We have developed two different types of filter granules: Pure and Enriched. Both are made in close collaboration with BWT, one of the world’s leading water technology companies,” notes the company. The Aarke Purifier measures 10.8” x 6.7” x 4.7” and can hold up to 10 cups. It takes three to five minutes to filter four cups of water.

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Images courtesy of Aarke