For years, the Need for Speed franchise has continued to enjoy a loyal following. Despite the developer and publisher’s hits and misses along the way, each new entry is usually highly anticipated by racing game enthusiasts. With the launch of Need for Speed Unbound just around the corner, we catch a glimpse of this awesome custom Mercedes-Benz 190E.

If you’ve been closely following the teasers for the upcoming installment, this DTM-inspired machine should be familiar. Leading up to its release, Need for Speed Unbound is hyping it up with various collaborations. Aside from the vehicles from iconic marques, players can also indulge in apparel and accessories from big names in fashion.

Nevertheless, the title is all about adrenaline-pumping races so rides like A$AP Rocky’s bespoke Mercedes-Benz 190E will be up for grabs. Win against him in-game to earn the hero car for future competitions. To hype it up even more, we get to see the actual custom build and it looks outstanding.

The sedan flaunts a striking two-tone white/black paint job split in the middle. It somehow resembles something Two-Face would drive around town, yet this is not a work of fiction. In addition to the unique exterior colorway, the driver and passenger doors showcase a special slogan.

It reads, “Always $trive and Prosper” and “If Not Now Then When” respectively. Next are the grille and other accents in gold, while the headlights tout an X-taped outline. AWGE branding is all around, while the front splitter draws attention with its green LED lights. Are you gunning for A$AP Rocky’s Mercedes-Benz 190E when Need for Speed Unbound drops or something else instead?

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Images courtesy of Mark Riccioni