Carmakers prefer to keep their pool of talent away from the competition. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that others will poach their staff which apparently happens from time to time. Meanwhile, Vivien Kleczek, a designer for Mercedes-Benz, is flexing his skills in another way. We’re unsure how the employer feels about it, but this Zonda II concept deserves all the praises that head its way. In fact, Pagani should take some cues and apply them on their future projects.

The Zonda II appears to be a tribute to a platform that the Italian marque retired in 2013. However, one wealthy client commissioned a bespoke unit in 2017 called the Zonda Aether and that was it. Perhaps in a bid to inspire or maybe to challenge Pagani, Kleczek shares his take on what the supercar might look like under his artistic direction.

We know some enthusiasts prefer to keep the form factor familiar, but this concept is anything but. He manages to retain some elements that make it recognizable as the vehicle it pays homage to. Meanwhile, the rest of the Zonda II is distinctly futuristic in its presentation. Knowing Pagani and its love for carbon fiber, this is likely the material of choice for this build.

You can easily mistake it for an all-electric model at a glance due to the sweeping curves of its lightweight shell. Thankfully, Kleczek shows an angle with a peek at the Mercedes-AMG V12 engine underneath. We can only speculate the numbers, but it’s not likely to disappoint fans. The Zonda II also sports the recognizable three-bulb headlights in an open-work configuration. Finally, the exhaust is still a quad-pipe affair with an aeronautic vibe.

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Images courtesy of Vivien Kleczek