As a guy, taking selfies is okay and an everyday thing. So, don’t shy away because you think it’s a lady’s thing. Such stereotypes shouldn’t limit you from trying it out. It only requires you to know the dos and don’ts, and you can be a master at it in no time. The idea is to make them as attractive as possible and give everyone who sees them a reason to smile. Here are seven tips to make your selfies eye-catching:

Taking attractive selfies while shopping, partying with friends, or traveling is a perfect way to document your memories. In addition, it enables you to portray the best version of yourself. In this case, you should implore the use of reliable apps that allow you to use cool features and filters to make your selfies better. You’ll never have to share dull photos with friends. 

Here’s what you can achieve with filters:

Such apps enable you to be creative and share glamorous photos. Some are free, while those with advanced features come at a small subscription fee. The good thing is that you can try the commercial ones for free before purchasing a license.

You should wear your best shirts or T-shirts to stand out in your selfie. Darker hues like black or gray may not always be the best for selfies. Brighter colors will help liven your face and the pic in general. So, level up your men’s wear with trendy outfits to show your fashion savvy. They can make your face look attractive in selfies. 

Lighting is critical in photography. The most attractive selfies are usually taken in natural lighting. It’s best to take a selfie with the sun at your side, not in front or behind you. Also, early mornings and late evenings offer the best mix of sun illumination. Avoid taking selfies when the sun is overhead at noon.

You can also take gorgeous selfies indoors. Facing a well-lit window at a slight angle is the standard trick to perfectly illuminating your face. Don’t take a pic with the window behind you, as it’ll be very dark. 

Another option is artificial lighting, which works magic for poorly lit interiors. Don’t just stop at the main lighting fixtures in the house. Consider purchasing a selfie ring light for more stunning selfies. They also come with mood lighting features that can further invigorate your snaps.

You don’t have to take selfies from the same angle every time. It’ll be boring for your audience. You can explore different poses and styles, like the mirror selfie to show off your cool gear or haircut. If the background is messy, you’re better off with a close-up portrait pic. Otherwise, showing a little of your surroundings doesn’t hurt, especially when you’re outdoors on scenic getaways. 

Some guys are shy and tend to look sideways when taking pictures. The result is a non-engaging selfie that doesn’t strike a chord with the viewer. It’s best to stare directly into the camera so your eyes display perfectly. Such confidence makes the picture more interesting. 

Selfies don’t have to be monotonous with the same slight smile over and over again. Explore different facial expressions depending on the message you want to pass across. You can wear an ear-to-ear grin to portray extreme happiness. Secondly, a squint gives a more mysterious look. Other wild selfie expressions include:


One selfie is never enough for any session. Always take a few so you can select the best to upload to your status or social media profiles. On the same note, it pays to edit your selfies instead of sharing the raw versions. Editing allows you to correct color, lighting, contrast, and temperature. However, be careful not to overdo it as it may look fake.


Following these tips for taking attractive selfies can revolutionize your gallery from boring to electrifying. Make sure to get a premium quality phone with a high-resolution front camera. Also, use apps to iron out the usual blemishes and add creativity to your snaps. People seeing your pics will never hold back their lovely comments, likes, and shares.