Electric toothbrushes have never been this high-tech with the EZ Teethbrush. It guarantees effectively cleaning in the shortest amount of time possible, thus saving on time and effort.

This dentist-approved product does not look like your traditional toothbrush. Instead, it closely resembles a sports mouthpiece or retainer mounted on an electric toothbrush handle. It’s what the manufacturers called the double-sided mouthpiece, which is bacteria-resistant and uses a sonic vibration system to efficiently brush your teeth simultaneously.

It cleans your teeth and gums four times faster than a regular toothbrush or down to 30 seconds from the dentist recommended two minutes of brush time twice a day. Its soft silicone bristles help prevent abfraction lesions which usually happens with over brushing and with hard bristles.

Use the EZ Teethbrush like you would your regular electric brush. Moisten the bristles, apply your toothpaste, turn it on, and start brushing. The product comes with three user modes: clean, white, and soft and has an auto-shutoff timer.

A single charge on the brush lasts for sixty days and charging can be done wirelessly through its waterproof charging kit. You also don’t have to worry about the handle getting wet because it is IPX7 waterproof.

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Photos Courtesy of EZ Teethbrush