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Vagabund Custom BMW R80 RT Motorcycle

Austrian duo Vagabund Moto is frequently mentioned around here and with good reason–they produce some outstanding bikes. Super minimalist and clean, their customs are both handsome to look at and…


BMW R80 Cafe Racer by ROA Motorcycles

Jaime Fenwick, founder of ROA Motorcycles has design and modification in his blood. It was his grandfather, Rafael Onieva Ariza, who started the original R.O.A. motor company in 1952 Madrid,…


BMW R80 Street Tracker

Most of the bikes we feature here on Men’s Gear are built in professional custom shops by teams of experienced grease monkeys. The BMW R80 Street Tracker is different. It’s…



While BMW is better known as a car manufacturer, the company is also famed for its prestigious line of motorcycles. I have been a fan of BMW bikes for some…


BMW R69S ‘Thompson’ Motorcycle

During the US Prohibition era, the Thompson submachine gun was the weapon of choice for both policemen and gangsters. It was compact, ergonomic and very reliable- the same features found in…


The Ironwood Chain Smoker

There’s no shortage of incredible custom motorcycle projects throughout the year, but the Ironwood Chain Smoker is a strong contender for one of the best.

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