BMW R69S ‘Thompson’ Motorcycle
During the US Prohibition era, the Thompson submachine gun was the weapon of choice for both policemen and gangsters. It was compact, ergonomic and very reliable- the same features found in the BMW R69S ‘Thompson’ Motorcycle, a gorgeous build inspired by the legendary “Trench Sweeper”.

Aiming to combine history and craftsmanship with modern technology, Slovenia’s garage ER Motorcycles decided to use warm&natural materials, to contrast with the metal details and the blue of the classic fuel tank. The bike boasts beautiful custom-made leather saddlebags along with a wooden seat (cut and shaped from a slab of teak). Mechanically, the ‘Thompson’ is a mix of vintage components, borrowed from other BMW motorcycles. Although the R69S frame remains, the overhauled engine and transmission are from a R100, the swingarm and upper triple tree from a R80, while the rear wheel is supplied by a R50/5. Other specs include a pair of modified Hagon shocks, a Borrani front wheel with Inox spokes, Spark MotoGP mufflers, and -reigning at front- a Vintage Black Ops headlight by Roland Sands, that adds to the overall old-school look. Yes, the BMW R69S ‘Thompson’ motorcycle is an authentic son of a gun.   via

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