Henriksholm (Sweden) is a privately owned island on Lake Ånimmen where the Berger family specializes in housing vacationers since they are close to Lake Vänern and the Sörknatten Nature Preserve. The area offers a wide range of outdoor activities and relaxation opportunities. Architect Jeanna Berger, the daughter of the island’s owners, designed five 72-Hour Cabins strategically located on the lakeside as a unique place to experience nature in comfort.

The tiny shelter is basically a 54 square foot (5 sq.m.) bedroom with both long walls and the ceiling made of glass for unabridged enjoyment of the scenic environs of the island forest and lake. The 72-Hour is built of locally sourced Norway Spruce with the boards spaced loosely to provide adequate ventilation and prevent over-heating the raised platform interior.

The builders, Fridh & Hell Bygg, are willing to retail the cabin – but only to those who promise to locate it in a unique and beautiful place.