Gold necklaces, with their hefty forms and eye-catching designs, are a popular jewelry trend among today’s men and women from all walks of life. Your style and casual dress can benefit from their stylish touch. For men, there can occasionally be a hurdle to getting over when it comes to wearing jewelry. Necklaces, in particular, are notoriously tricky to pull off. You’ll find the information you need here, whether you’re looking to style a basic chain or a piece of hip-hop bling so big it can be seen from a mile away. Find out the proper way to wear gold chains and what length you should go with if you want to stand out when you wear one.

Men’s Gold Chain Styles

Before you can even style them, you need to be familiar with all the modern gold chain trends. There are many gold chains for men looking for variety. The majority of these have ideal dimensions of width and length. Here is a selection of gold necklaces suitable for men.

The Ball Chains

The classic male necklace and dog tag are worn on this chain. It is a sturdy and long-lasting form of a chain.

The Cable Chains

Cable chains, a typical and traditional design may be made in a wide range of widths and lengths, allowing for a wide variety of looks to be easily achieved. In contrast to the straight lines of a cable chain, the Cuban chain’s round or oval links are twisted to create a more interesting design. Cuban chains are by far the most common type of hip-hop necklace available. The thinner ones go well with pendants, while the wider ones are fine to wear on their own.

The Herringbone Chains

Since this chain looks much like the skeleton of a herringbone fish, it was given that name. A herringbone chain may be identified by its thin, bendable, and flat metal links, which form a V shape at the center. This chain is exceptionally comfortable because it rests flat against the skin while worn.

The Franco Chains

V-shaped links from multiple curb necklaces are intertwined to create this Italian design. You may make a bold fashion statement by wearing a Franco chain.

The Box Chains

Box chains, constructed from square links, are an excellent choice for men because of their solid, manly appearance and the striking contrast they provide when paired with a pendant.

The Rope Chain

Rope chains are among the most elegant and fashionable options for necklaces and bracelets. It is constructed of multiple gold pieces twisted into a rope by connecting them correctly in groups of two or three. The chains’ wearers love it for its unique designs, which have made it famous.

The Figaro Chains

The Figaro chain is a timeless men’s gold necklace that is both strong and stylish. Links in a Figaro chain can be either round or oval and come in various sizes, but the standard pattern is three smaller links spaced by a single longer oval link.

Dressing Up Your Gold Necklace

There are wide varieties of gold necklaces on the market, so it’s important to consider how they will complement your overall style before purchasing any.

1. Consider your outfit style

If you have the imagination and confidence to go with it, gold necklaces may be utilized as you choose. However, before accessorizing yourself with gold necklaces, it is also important to analyze the styles accessible in your wardrobe. Additionally, taking into account the items you already own may help you prevent dressing in a way that is sloppy and imbalanced. For instance, if you’re wearing turtlenecks today, avoid wearing chokers since they make you seem stifled. You do not want to appear to be a fashion terrorist, so consider the most recent trends when combining your gold necklaces with your attire.

2. Picking the Perfect Gold Necklace for You

As previously mentioned, there is a wide variety of chains available. But before you pick a perfect chain for yourself, you should probably consider it. For instance, if you wish to look great with swag, choose the Figaro or Cuban link chains with larger links, which you can wear with an oversized graphic shirt, black coats, and hats. But if you like a simpler look, then delicate necklaces like rope chains will be more your speed.

3. Figure Out Your Neck Circumference

If you’re in the market for a new gold necklace, measuring your neck circumference is essential. Avoid looking like a fashion misfit by measuring your neck before purchasing gold necklaces. If you wrap a measuring tape around your neck, you’ll be able to get an accurate reading.

4. The Shape of Your Face

Gold chain selection is also dependent on the wearer’s face shape. A person with a round face should avoid wearing short, flashy gold necklaces since they will only serve to accentuate the roundness of the wearer’s face. Make your face appear slimmer by using thin gold necklaces instead. However, if your face is thin, you should wear strong, short gold necklaces. Others, on the other hand, can wear any look no matter what their facial shape. As a result, if you know how to style it, you may pull off a look that doesn’t always complement your face shape.

5. Details About the Gold Necklaces’ Sizes

It will help if you start by familiarizing yourself with the standard and appropriate lengths of gold necklaces for women and men. Men’s necklaces are normally between 20 and 24 inches long and feature pendants or charms to make a fashion statement. Gold necklaces for guys should be between 14 and 18 inches in length for a choker. Others opt for the longer 25-30 inch ones that improve your overall appearance. The gold necklaces’ thickness is also crucial. Women like thinner chains, between 1 and 6 millimeters in width, for their refined and sophisticated appearance. However, it will make you appear cooler to wear big, striking gold necklaces that range in width from 6 to 10 mm. Rappers want thicker gold necklaces, particularly 12mm.

Where Can You Find Gold Necklaces?

There are many jewelers in Arizona selling handcrafted gold necklaces for men. They can customize your gold necklaces to your specifications and help you remain trendy.