You may be starting out with your first hunting season or picking up old hobbies after a long while. In the past few years, there have been several new advancements and updates in the firearms and accessories industry. Not so long ago everything used to be pretty much manual with little or no technological assistance. Today, you have pretty much everything that can be controlled via IoT or mobile applications.  

Thanks to the US regulations and availability of some of the best firearms in the world, the essence of safe hunting and self-defense is well maintained. Let’s look at the accessories and equipment you will need to improve your hunting game this coming season.


The first priority is to be able to find your target. Monoculars belong to one of the most basic spotting device categories for hunting and recon purposes. You will be able to buy a wide range of these on a budget online as well as at physical outlets such as Optics Force. While monoculars have a good cost-to-quality ratio, binoculars fare better during continuous use as they cause less eye fatigue.

Also, binoculars feel more natural to the eye than monoculars. However, Monoculars are relatively cost-effective and better integrated if you are looking for models with thermal and night vision features. They are also lighter, making them easier to carry and use than binoculars. 

Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes come in if you think you lose certain details with binos or monos. Now if you’re doing a hike and shoot, you probably won’t carry this because these can weigh up to about five pounds. However, if you’re pulling everything off the back of a truck, setting down, and observing, spotting scopes can be a great choice with their advanced features. You can gauge an animal or find targets from great distances without the hassle of lifting your rifle for spotting.

Range Finders

Another priority is being able to see how far your target is. If we don’t know how far it is, we can’t shoot it. Nevertheless, you can guess but then again there’s room for human error. There are many range finders that have a combination of bino capabilities and range-finding lasers. Sig produces many such models with solvers built-in, helping you carry one or two fewer pieces of kit while on the hunt. 

Rifle Scopes

Now that you have spotted your target and jotted down important numbers you need to take out your prey, you need to lock your target by making your rifle scope the third most important piece of shooting equipment. 

Night Vision

As unlikely it is for someone to be hunting at night, rare scenarios might deem the requirement to wield weapons in the dark. This will require you to carry equipment that will provide you with a clear vision in the dark. While a torchlight would give away your position, scaring the target away, night vision equipment helps you see in the dark without doing so. With quality night vision equipment, you will be able to spot targets up to 1,000 yards away in the dark.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is the way each person equips themselves for hunting, or potential self-defense scenarios can hugely vary. It depends upon the choice of firearms and personal factors such as usability and style. Factors such as weight, conspicuousness, user-friendliness, brand loyalty, the list can go on. Whether you’re a natural or a tech geek, the point is to hit the target and carry out your practice of hunting safely. It is recommended that you invest in the best equipment to enable you to do so. So find it and hit it, and stay safe.