While owning an ATV is a thing of pride and fun, maintaining it optimally can often be challenging.

First of all, ATVs are vehicles that deal with a lot of dust and mud. Second, we all love to throttle up their ATVs. Third, owners often take ATVs as rides that are built for a rugged and dirty life, overlooking necessary maintenance calls.

In this post, we are going to look at some key ATV’s maintenance to keep your machine running smoothly.

1. Keep It Clean

This is the easiest and the most crucial maintenance duty on the list. While cleaning your ATV on a regular basis may not take up a lot of time and effort, it can certainly prolong your ATV’s life.

When your ATV is all covered up in dirt and mud, identifying problems may become difficult. However, in a clean vehicle, you can easily spot them.

This will let you uncover issues in their early stages, so they don’t grow big, carrying heavy expenses.

2. Check Oil Before Riding

While you may love to rev up your ATV to its highest potential, all the fraction requires a lot of oil.

If you are planning to go for a ride, check your oil before you go. Riding with low or old oil can be extremely harmful to your engine’s health.

So, if the oil isn’t in good condition, make sure you change it before hitting the trails, or the internal friction will cause irreversible damage to your engine’s piston(s) and cylinder(s).

3. Use Qualified Spare Parts

Your ATV is only as good as its parts. This means that if you use high-quality spare parts in it, your vehicle will maintain good health. And, if you opt for cheap aftermarket spare parts, you may be putting its very life at risk.

The worst thing about cheap or poor quality aftermarket parts is that they wear out sooner and pull the overall performance down.

This can lead to serious problems with your ATV, its performance and parts’ health as well. To avoid such problems, it’s best to get your parts only from certified ATV dealers like Greenville Motorsports.

4. Maintain Optimum Tire Pressure and Keep An Eye On Your Tread

Tire maintenance calls can often cost ATV riders a small-fortune. This is why it’s crucial to keep the tire’s health in mind.

First of all, you must maintain optimum pressure at all times. Secondly, you should make sure that you are not using tires that are too old to grip the terrains.

This will adversely affect the ride quality, also posing a risk to your and your ATV’s health.

5. Check your Coolant

As you rev up your ATV on the track for top performance, the coolant plays a vital role in maintaining engine temperature. If the coolant reservoir on your ATV is running dry, it would be best to get it refilled before you take it for a spin.

Riding a liquid-cooled ATV without the coolant can give rise to a number of overheating problems. In fact, the engine may heat up to unbearable levels, causing damage to neighbouring components as well.

Save yourself from such hassles and always maintain optimum coolant level on your ATV.

Final words

Maintaining your ATV is an integral part of owning it. If you find the maintenance part challenging, the tips above will surely help you. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful.