The 5.11 EDC PL 2AAA Tactical Pen Light is your go-to portable torch with its small stature yet efficient light quality. Handy for a variety of situations, this light boasts 107 lumens and over four hours of run time.

It packs a punch, to say the least. This tactical flashlight uses CREE XP-G3 bulb that emits a beam distance of 26 meters of clean and sharp light. That is enough illumination to guide your path in the dark or enough to stun someone when under attack.

This powerhouse of a pen-size light is not just handy but also durable. Constructed from machined aerospace-grade aluminium, it feels all metal and solid. It can also survive drops up to two meters or 6.5 feet and is IPX-4 water-resistant.

The 5.11 EDC PL 2AAA Pen Light is small enough to fit the pocket of your jeans or chest pocket. It measures at just 5″ H x 0.66″ in diameter and weighs 2.14 ounces even with the two AAA batteries that power it. So it sits well on your hands plus the ridges on its body make sure you get a good grip.

This penlight powers on and off using a single-mode switch found on the tail cap. A single press turns it on and another press powers it off. This process lets you quickly access the light anytime you need it. You don’t have to feel your way around the torch’s body just to find the switch in the dark.

For added portability, the 5.11 EDC PL 2AAA Pen Light comes with a removable clip that you can use to clip on your pocket, belt, in a bag, or anywhere you find convenient to secure your flashlight.

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